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The Travel Bucket with a smaller diameter 12" and 26" length is a convenient way to take a Striping Bucket along when traveling. The Travel Bucket now comes with an additional bottom which is used as a lid, clothing, fishing gear, etc. can be placed inside the bucket. The bucket and gear is then placed in a Duffel Bag (not included), which in some cases can replace a suitcase. 

Catch more fish and enjoy it more. The Bucket Works "line management products" allows you to spend more time fishing and less time getting ready, dealing with wind, tangles and other line issues. Strip your line into "The Bucket" make the cast (you may even improve your distance) and enjoy fishing more.
Ideal for Saltwater or Fresh water. Use it in your boat, skiff, drift boat or jetty. No need to reel in each time you change locations, just set your rod in "The Bucket" and you are ready to go.

  All Travel Buckets are individually handcrafted and now come with an additional cone bottom.

* exact size may vary slightly

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