Stow N Go double bucket system

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The Stow N Go system is One 15 inch diameter Ergo Bucket and one 13 1/2 inch diameter Ergo Bucket that nest inside each other.   Stow N Go is ideal for transporting, storage and quick runs to that next spot. With the ability to put one bucket inside the other and the light weight of the buckets makes the Stow N Go system the best choice for two angler fishing.

The "Ergo Bucket" with its open front providers for a more natural striping motion and a greater surface area in the back of the bucket to handle the line more efficiently.  All Ergo Buckets are individually handmade.

Ideal for Saltwater or Fresh water. Use it in your boat, skiff, drift boat or jetty. No need to reel in each time you change locations, just set your rod in "The Bucket" and you are ready to go.

The Ergo Buckets now come with a flat foam bottom and a removable cone bottom that is easily adjusted. 

The Stow N Go system is Special Order Only. Please email - or call us at - 916-765-3019 for delivery date.